WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipement

The current 2013 WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU) aims to reduce the amount of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment that ends up in landfill.

You’re a Producer of EEE in the UK if you:

     • manufacture and sell EEE (within scope of the directive) under your own brand

        in the UK

     • resell equipment made by someone else under your own brand

       (if the maker’s brand appears on the equipment they are the producer)

     • import EEE on a commercial basis into the UK


     • are established outside of the UK and supply EEE directly to the UK market by

        distance selling (eg online, mail order, phone)

Friswell Technologies Ltd (also trading as FRISTECH) is registered as a Producer of WEEE,

UK Environment Agency WEEE Registration No: WEE/GD5610UY.

Any waste electrical or electronic equipment should be disposed of in an approved environmental way and not place in general waste for landfill.

Friswell Technologies Ltd. is responsible for the environmental disposal of

Friswell Technologies and FRISTECH branded products which fall within scope

of the 2013 WEEE directive.

These will be marked with a crossed out wheelie bin and solid date bar.

Friswell Technologies can also dispose of any historical WEEE which was placed on the market prior to 13th August 2005 if it is replaced on a ‘like-for like’ purchase.

Please contact us either by email or telephone for details or more information.


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